Saturday, 19 February 2011

Merlin at Baglan Bay

This gorgeous female Merlin allowed me some fantastic views this afternoon. She was hunting the old BP Baglan grounds and when I found her she was using this brick building to check out the local passerines.

As the video below shows, the Carrion Crows wouldn't let her settle for too long but, they didn't chase her for long probably aware that she is far too quick for them in any case.


Jeff said...

Nice pics and lovely video clip.
I watched a female Merlin hunting Meadow Pipits up on Mynydd Ty Talwyn above Llangynwyd a few weeks ago and the same bird (I assume) was perched up on top of a telegraph pole when I passed through there last Sat a.m
Great bird to watch hunting,could just about keep up with the speed of it in level flight through the bins !!

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks for the comments Jeff. You've done well to find this site!
You make an interesting point about it being the same bird. I sometimes wonder how big their winter territories might be, if indeed they keep to one. I've seen a female in these parts a couple of times before this winter as others have too. Seeing Merlins hunt is some site, their level flight is blistering!