Monday, 28 February 2011

Mediterranean Gull on Aberavon Beach

This fine adult Mediterranean Gull was on Aberavon Beach on Saturday. Although good numbers are often found around Bracelet Bay they are much more uncommon at these nearby beaches. It was very confiding and completely on its own in the middle of the beach. A Black-headed Gull joined it briefly but, was unable to put up with the activity on the beach that this Gull could.

I found it during a volunteer survey to look for birds that have been washed up along our beaches. This survey is conducted nationwide with particular interest in oiled birds or signs or oil. The stretch I covered was between the Neath river and Afan river. It is pleasing to report that no signs of oil was present. Even more pleasing, were the very good numbers of Sanderling present along this same stretch. I counted 529 Sanderling here, with 375 on the main beach and a further 154 in the smaller bay at the mouth of the Afan.

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