Saturday, 30 April 2011

Butterflies at Crymlyn Burrows

Brown Argus
 On my way back from the beach following a bit of wader watching I found a nice area in the dunes which was pretty well sheltered from the strongly winds. It was full of butterflies and I managed to record some good stuff for this site. At least 20 Brown Argus were on the wing here and it was great to see them fly in the company of Common Blue butterflies. They are quite distinctive in flight, the underwing looks quite pale (sometimes described as silvery) and they keep quite close to the ground and fly a bit faster than Common Blue.
Brown Argus

Small Heath
 2 Small Heath were seen flying near this sheltered area and is quite early for this species

Dingy Skipper
 At least 5 Dingy Skippers were flying around the sheltered area and is a good record for this site, although sightings of this species are being recorded pretty regularly this year

Small Blue
 Only 2 Small Blue were found today
Small Copper
At least 20 Small Copper were here and further afield as were the most abundant species today Common Blue which numbered over 60 throughout the site.

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